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Testimonials from Kathy's Family Fans

To whom it may concern,Your body wash makes me feel guilt free, because your product does not reply on palm oil. I found your product in Singapore in Holland Village. I feel you should highlight that your product is palm oil free on the bottle.

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my order of lotion, body wash and soap. Every item is perfect in every way and I love them all. My skin has become sensitive, so these products soothe and do NOT irritate at all! Fast shipping was Great too
Abingdon, MD

After using shampoos for years that contained ingredients no one can pronounce, I finally found Kathy's Family Prairie Therapy Shampoo. Everyone of the ingreditents is organic and natural and keeps my hair squeaky clean. I love it!
Fort Worth, TX

Your amazing healing lotion
I recently had a bout w/ extremely dry, cracked, peeling skin on my hands. While in Utah on vacation last week I discovered your Lotion -- now, less than a week later, my skin is "healed."
Garden City MI

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